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Our Mission and Vision

Updated: Sep 9

Mustardseed Trust contributes to transformations in eco systems, human relations systems and money systems as focus areas.

Envisioning a caring economy in which these systems are converging in balance, consequently Mustardseed Trust understands that structural tensions and system transformations happen in the interface between the three focus areas:

1.Eco systems | Money systems

2.Money systems | Human relations systems

3.Human relations systems | Eco systems

Mustardseed Trust envisions a world in which all beings live in partnership with the web of life to enable health and fulfillment for all. Mustardseed Trust’s mission is to enable organizations and individuals to create economic systems based on partnerships that nurture the web of life. In particular, Mustardseed Trust contributes to the creation of concepts and good practices of care economies at local and international levels.

In a care economy, people are taking care of themselves, for each other and for the planet at large.


Mustardseed Trust

London W8 7QT, UK

OSCR #SC042311

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