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On behalf of the Trustees, I present with great pleasure Mustardseed Trust’s second newspaper: ‘’The Circle of Soil”.


While Soil simply could be looked at as a mixture of sand and organic material, it is key to sustaining life in all its forms. Soil is fascinating and dynamic: a diverse system of interface between earth, air, water and life. Others associate Soil with dirt. Its wonderworld is not visible to the naked eye.

Indigenous people appreciate the life sustaining resources of the land. Yet, Society has marginalized their wisdom and territories. We have created unsustainable food systems, feeding an economy of exclusion and hunger keeps getting new faces.

Like Soil, the Soul is mesmerizing. The immaterial part of being is also invisible. Yet our values and beliefs are ever present in what we think and do. Where the African tradition creates spiritual connections in nature, others embrace meditation, religion or mindfulness. Still Society worships luxury and false entitlements. Taking us further away from life essentials and

peace of mind.

If Soils, Society and Souls were seen as in-separatable building blocks to be nurtured simultaneously, transformation will move much faster. Mustardseed Trust always seeks for such connections and interfaces.

We develop partnerships within and amongst systems to create a world that cares for all beings. We feel privileged to partner with inspiring thought leaders and their organisations.

This edition gives Soil a voice. It brings out its true value. It bears witness of our partners’ great passion for creating the Circle of Soil.

We wish you inspiration while reading the profound stories that our enthusiastic production team put together.


Chair Mustardseed Trust

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