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The Mustardseed Team

Bela & Ellen Hatvany


Alida Bakema-Boon

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Stefan Hatvany


Emmy van Kleef

Managing Director

Katrina Bull

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Christel Vervoort


Our Story

In the late 1990’s Bela and Ellen Hatvany embarked on sharing their financial wealth with inspiring persons who contributed their lives to creating a better world. When the administrative burden increased, they invited their daughter in law, Lauren, to join hands and take up managerial roles.

In 2011, the Mustardseed Trust got formally registered in Scotland. The first Board of Trustees constituted of: Bela Hatvany (Chair), Lauren Hatvany (Executive Director), Alida Bakema-Boon (Secretary) and Andrew Hamilton (Treasurer). The trustees realised that Mustardseed is a collaborative vision built around the idea that everyone has the potential, the right and the responsibility to be in the driver’s seat of their own development. They were convinced that the best development approaches create new paradigms rather than problem-solve through systems that don’t work.


Over the years, the team scaled up the work. More social entrepreneurs with similar values and vision were identified and we began supporting them. It provided an opportunity for all to learn, to collaborate and to be part of creating something important with others, for others. In 2016, Lauren Hatvany took up the role of Managing Consultant and resigned from the Board. In the same year, Stefan Hatvany joined as Treasurer and Vice Chair. The Trust continued to be guided by the principles of partnership and legal framework as provided by its country of jurisdiction. 

In recognition that the natural processes and biodiversity that sustain life are depleted to dangerous levels caused by our current economic models and dominator type of relationships, MT embarked in a search for a clear strategic direction in 2017. In 2019 it made a choice to provide in future seed money in the interfaces of 3 focus areas: eco systems, human relations systems and money systems. 

After the Managing Consultant resigned, the Trustees appointed Emmy van Kleef and moved head office to the Netherlands in mid-2019. She is now guiding the process of selecting individuals and organizations and other operational matters. MT will refine a form of ‘incubation’ and ‘cross-pollination’ in its grant making in the years to come.

Mustardseed Trust

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