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Our Values

Moving from competition to


The Mustardseed Team

Bela & Ellen Hatvany


Chair MT 12 May 2020.jpg
Alida Bakema-Boon

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Stefan Hatvany



Emmy van Kleef

Managing Director


Katrina Bull

Operational Support

LINK Fotografie-026 (2).jpg

Petra Cauwels

Christel Vervoort



Operational Support

Our History

Around 2001 Bela and Ellen Hatvany were able to expand their philanthropic activities. They invited their daughter in law, Lauren to help them. This collaboration was called Mustardseed. Lauren became a co-founder and was the first Managing Director. She ensured that the philanthropic activities were effectively expanded and run.


Mustardseed was registered with the OSCR in 2011 as a Scottish charity. The Board of Trustees became Bela Hatvany (Chair), Alida Bakema-Boon (Secretary), Andrew Hamilton (Treasurer) and Lauren Hatvany who was appointed as Managing Director.


Over the years, the organisation scaled up its work. More social entrepreneurs with similar values and vision were identified and the Trust began supporting them. It provided an opportunity for all to learn, to collaborate and to be part of creating a better world with others and for others. 


In 2016, Lauren Hatvany, who had moved to the USA, therefore became a consultant to Mustardseed Trust. In this capacity she continued to do the work of Managing Director. In the same year, Stefan Hatvany joined the Board of Trustees as Treasurer and Vice Chair. The Trust continued to operate as a Scottish charity.

In 2017 the Trustees decided to develop a clear strategy statement. The trustees recognized that looking after the planet was of key importance. Under the leadership of Alida Bakema-Boon, who became the new Chair of the Trust in 2018, three retreats were organised that resulted in a clear vision, mission and strategy for Mustardseed Trust. The Trustees realized that they want to focus on the development of the care economy and provide seed support to thought-leaders and organisations that work in the interfaces of three focus areas: eco systems, human relations systems and money systems. 


In 2019, the managing consultant resigned, and the Trustees appointed Emmy van Kleef as Managing Director. The Trust continues to be guided by its mission, the principles of partnership and the legal framework in which it operates. 

In 2021, Mustardseed Trust organized its first jamboree to celebrate its partnerships and foster collaboration towards creating the care economy. 

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