Fostering care economies


Mustardseed trust is a small charity with a big vision: A world in which all beings live in partnership with the web of life to enable health and fulfillment for all.

We contribute to the creation of concepts and good practices of care economies at local and (inter) national levels. In a care economy, people take care of themselves, care for each other and for the planet.

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We must all remain conscious of the tender heart that motivates each one of us to create this caring world.

Bela Hatvany - Founder

How we support


We support individuals and organisations that enable conversations and proof of concept with potential to scale up.

Cross pollination

We support networks that bring together individuals and organizations to create new knowledge and partnerships.


We engage with thought leaders working on transformation within the human, eco or money systems in our quest for developing care economies.

Our intervention areas

Connecting our intervention areas together will lead us to a caring economy