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Fostering care economies

Introducing our law firm

Mustardseed Trust is a small charity with a big vision: A world in which all beings live in partnership with the web of life for all to thrive. We work towards a world where ecosystems are restored, money systems serve the well-being and human relation systems cultivate partnerships rather than domination.


Our mission is to enable organisations and individuals to create economic systems based on partnerships that nurture the web of life.

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How we support

Our partners are trim tabs. They are strategically working towards a world that cares for the planet and all its beings. Mustardseed has identified these partners as being key catalysts of change. They are thought leaders or their organisations are exemplary in their field of expertise, which align to Mustardseeds intervention area’s. This results in their organisations presenting innovations, new systems, or contributions to behavioural change, new policy direction and other system transformations. 


Enable ideas and ventures with potential to cause a systemic change


Increase knowledge on good practices of the care economy and its intervention areas.

Cross pollination

Enable people and organizations to stand upon each other's shoulders building the care economy together.

Our intervention areas

Connecting our focus areas together will lead us to a caring economy

"We must all remain conscious of the tender heart that motivates each one of us to create this caring world."

Bela Hatvany - Founder

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