In caring economies, people are able to take care of themselves, each other and the planet.


We contribute to the creation of concepts and good practices of caring economies at local and international levels.

Transformed systems do not spring up in a vacuum. They emerge out of a larger social, cultural, political, ecological, legal and technological context. We need a profound understanding of the larger setting. By transforming the context, we build the foundations for new, inclusive economic systems, that concurrently protect nature’s life-support systems and enable well-being for all.

Our partners and their projects are on the interface areas of the following categories:

Money Systems

Human Relationship Systems



Did you know that three quarters of our Planet's land is degraded? Degradation is exacerbated by unsustainable agricultural techniques. But it is possible to restore degraded land. That's where Ecosystem Restoration Camps come in: they can rewild that land and return it to nature. 

Ecosystem Restoration Camps Foundation will provide 1 million people with a transformative experience at an Ecosystem Restoration Camp by 2030. You can be part of this movement by volunteering at a camp or becoming a supporting member.




Center for Partnership Systems (CPS) is led by acclaimed social scientist Riane Eisler and was founded to catalyze movement towards partnership systems on all levels of society through research, education, grassroots empowerment, and policy initiatives.


CPS’s programs focus on promoting human rights and nonviolence, gender and racial equity, childhood development and finding index metrics that demonstrate social wealth next to economic wealth.

Inclusive Leadership


We partner with Faith in Leadership in order to create a diverse family of faith leaders equipped to lead inter and intra-faith initiatives for the benefit of all. 

 Across the globe, faith leaders have authority and influence beyond many of their secular and political counterparts.

Faith in Leadership harnesses the power within our faith communities by bringing all walks of religious life together: learning from each other and improving their leadership skills, so that they go back to their communities as better leaders 

Imagine your Future


Uganda Rural Development and Training programme (URDT) was established in 1987 to enable the people of Uganda to build up their own capacity. At the heart of the programme is the thought that education is critical for rural transformation. 

The central focus of the URDT and ARU ’s training programmes has been for people to understand that they are key to their own development and community transformation. Their programmes ensure long term impact and sustenance of the planet and its people.

Universal Basic Income


Imagine a world with equal economics: this can be achieved through adoption of  a 'Universal Basic Income' (UBI). This is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement.


A UBI enables people to live in dignity. 

​We support ongoing research and promotion of a universal basic income through partnering with global network, the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)


It is time to care

Zeitpolster - literally translated as 'time-cushion' is a caring- exchange network, based in Austria. In exchange for offering help and support to older or disabled people who need help with caring tasks such as gardening, shopping, or even just companionship, a member can build up time credits in exchange for offering help, that they can then trade in for care, when they need it. 

By partnering with this social business we see the potential economic systems that put our ageing society at their heart. 

Circus art as a tool to empower children


Through partnering with the Mobile Mini Circus Children, (MMMC) we are supporting a growing network of children as leaders.

Circus art is a tool for transformation - it develops discipline, creativity and artistic impression. Through the use of child-led games and learning circus skills - children learn to overcome trauma and develop essential social skills and capacities, allowing the children to take on responsibility, blossom and grow.

Ending poverty lies in building communities:

Grassroots Economics.


 We started working with Grassroots Economics mid way through 2021. They are showing that through Community Inclusion Currencies people have a way to exchange goods and services and incubate projects and businesses, without relying on scarce national currency and volatile markets.

With our grant, we are supporting  50 acres of Syntropic Agriculture to be paired with Community Currencies in Kenya. We are then learning from the 50 community groups that use a community currency to sell produce and pay for the labour intensive setup, inputs and maintenance of one acre community farms (Shamba ya Jamii). This syntropic system involves planting of different types of crops and fruit trees separated in treelines, paths, vegetable beds and biomass beds. 

Green ecosystem.png

The Weather Makers - helping nature heal


The Weather Makers are a group of passionate engineers  with a wealth of knowledge around coastal engineering and mulit-disciplinary projects. They are committed to making eco-system restoration profitable using nature based solutions and make this happen working with their holistic engineers.


The signature project of The Weather Makers is to green the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The holistic engineers working at The Weather Makers solve the different pieces to the puzzle of re-greening a degenerated area of land.


Our partnering with them has meant that WM are able to enhance their  research and development. One of these very important puzzle pieces is natural water harvesting in a desert setting.


WM aim to activate their  innovative technology - the Eco Oasis (developed in cooperation with John Todd and based on the proven technology, the Eco Machine) in Nuweiba, Egypt at Habiba Organic Farm g & nature based solutions with the aim to restore our planet. Here in the film - you can see what an eco-oasis is and how it works. 

Green ecosystem.png

Ouí Act - learning to care for others and ourselves


OUI ACT is a project under the French charity Initiatives of Change. The project works with under-privileged young

people in Parisian suburbs. They aim to develop a positive

vision of our society, learning to live peacefully and to act as

a responsible citizen.

Ouí Act does this by liberating young people’s voice, opening

up their minds, teaching them to listen and to form an opinion, and reflecting on their social problems. Then they help the young people to find solutions to those social problems. 

The project is delivered by many volunteers, working hundreds of hours in schools in areas of Paris with many social problems.

They are teaching and supporting the young people to care for themselves and others.

Koen en Benedikt transition 2019 podcast

Investing in Regeneration Podcasts

Regenerative Agriculture can help heal our Planet: but financing often stands in the way.


Our support enabled podcast-hosts Koen van Seijen and Benedikt Bösel to produce a podcast series aimed at financing regenerative agriculture. They ask leading practitioners with experience in financing regenerative agriculture, how they approach challenges and opportunities of helping transition regenerative farmers faster.

Love each other, love the earth, let money be at the service of these two

Phil Kingston