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Research into the care economy

Updated: Jan 12

There are many leading economists and thought leaders describing other economic systems than the mainstream economic system which currently dominates. Kate Raworth’s Donut economy model is a leading example. Between 2018 and 2022 Mustardseed Trust focussed on iterating our own principles, ideas and visions from our partners for a healthy, balanced and caring planet in a princple we called: the care economy. The care economy is a vision of visions, not a single method to follow. It describes {enter definition from research here}

We asked the researchers Andrea Stuit, Vibhor Mathur and Georgie Barber to find similar concepts to our care economy concept, so that we may be able to bring other like-minded thought leaders together. Who else is using the term care economy or what other similar terms are being used across the world that mean the same thing? Importantly, we expressly included non-western understandings of similar concepts. We present the completed research with pleasure and thanks to the researchers involved. Artwork in the blogpost by Dadara.

26-06-2022 Mustardseed Trust Care Economy Research report
Download PDF • 15.46MB

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