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We are hiring for The Care Revolution Issue #2

Terms of reference for the creation of

The Care Revolution: Soil, Soul & Society

march 14th 2022


Mustardseed Trust is a small charity with a big vision: A world in which all beings live in partnership with the web of life. We enable the emergence of a care economy whereby care for people and the planet are the organizing principle. This implies that ecosystems are restored and regenerated, money systems serve well-being instead of greed and human relation systems cultivate partnerships rather than domination.

In 2020 Mustardseed Trust created the first edition of ‘The Care Revolution’, this was an artistic collaboration which resulted in a printed newspaper. It introduced Mustardseed and the care economy. In the next issues, we take a deeper dive into each one of MT's three focus areas and how they relate to the care economy. These ’pillars’ of the care economy are: Ecosystems, Money systems and Human relationships systems

The upcoming issue (2022) will look at the care economy through the lense of "ecosystems" and its interphases with the other two pillars. The working title is:

The Care Revolution: Soil, Soul & Society: the pillars for a care economy

Purpose & audience:

One of the ways Mustardseed Trust supports the care economy is by contributing to the body of knowledge. This newspaper is a product that will contribute to the body of knowledge. The purpose for this edition is to show the care economy from the angle of ‘ecosystems’. It will portray how regenerative ecosystems cannot exist in a silo, but are integrated in a larger paradigm where money systems are serving (planetary) well-being and people work in partnership systems to steward the earth. The newspaper serves as an inspiration to Mustardseed Trust’s existing and expanding network. It will help us to expand our network and help our partners, thought leaders, activists, businesses, towards seeing how their work contributes to the care economy. Primary audience is MT’s direct network of constituents, networks and potential partner organizations. We will also use the paper to introduce Mustardseed Trust and its vision.

Format & distribution:

Print: We are open to any specific format / size, as long as we can deliver it by postage to our network. Creative ideas about the format are welcome. We will print approx. 500 copies as a first round. The issue will also need to have a digital counterpart accessible on our website.


The issue explores how Soil connects to Soul and Society. This parallels caring for ourselves, our community and the planet in a care economy. Example topics / interviewees (names removed for the circulation of this TOR) that stems from a Mustardseed internal brainstorm session are listed below:

  1. Care for the planet / care for the Soil

  2. Healthy soils for slowing global warming = care for the planet

  3. How we can put money to work for healthy soils

  4. Care for ourselves / How soil cares for the soul

  5. How being in nature makes us better humans

  6. Healthy food = Healthy gut - care for ourselves

  7. Healthy Soil = Better food

  8. Care for the community: Societies working on healthy soils (Society)

  9. Community farming / Community Supported Agriculture

  10. Ecosystem restoration camps

  11. Creating healthy soils build community incomes

Artistic value

One objective for MT is to include art as a way to convey our vision of the care economy. so the newspaper serves as an excellent opportunity to engage an artist to create visuals / be on display. MT also wants to use such for illustrations in their reports and website. Therefore, the copyright of the work delivered will be with MT.

Roles & Responsibilities:

For the realization of this project we are looking for a creative project manager. This person will be working closely with the MD. The MD serves as chair of the editorial board, oversees implementation and quality assurance and serves as sparring partner to the project manager.

  1. Creative Project Manager - open position:

This role will have the following responsibilities:

  • Creation of concept note that will clearly outline the vision and content of the final product

  • Ensure that the project maintains within budget boundaries

  • Ensure collaboration and agreement from the editorial board.

  • Attraction of artist to contribute illustrations/visuals

  • Development of content & design of end product

  • Delivery of end product to editorial board and printer

For the project, we are looking for the following skills / characteristics (either existing in the project manager or as part of the team)

  • Knowledgeable on the subject matter ecosystems restoration and / or regenerative agriculture

  • Creative writing skills

  • Interviewing skills

  • Content creation skills / design skills

  • Affiliation with the Care Economy

  • Project management skills - able to manage the creation of the issue from A-Z

Process & timeline


Total budget for delivery of the entire project is $10.000 all in.

Interested to become Creative Project Manager / Editor in chief for this project?

Send your expression of interest to: emmy@mustardseedtrust.org include your CV and a super short pitch how you would approach this project. If satisfactory, we will invite you to have a (digital) coffee to discuss your proposal and whether you are the suitable person for the job. Project start dates are flexible, but not later than 1st of June. Please respond before April 29th 2022.

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