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Jamboree 2021: From Circus to Crypto Creating a Care Economy

Updated: May 11, 2022

“We can only do this together. I see a big potential in sharing each-others visions - projects and stories. The potential of a community helping each-other where possible is the strongest possible force for change.”

For years it was within Mustardseed Trust’s intention to bring together all its partners.

In 2021 the wish became greater than the practical situation given the Covid-19 lockdowns and the fact that Trustees and Partners came from Uganda to Costa Rica. In October 2021 it was a fact and a group of 30 people gathered in France.

Why did we do this?

It was not only a mix of cultures but moreover a variety of leaders who all share the same mission to take care for the planet and all its beings. The intention of the Jamboree was to inspire, equip, cement further and create synergy between the partners to leverage transformation for the economy of care.

We thank our partners for bringing such a wealth of passion and knowledge, from Circus to cryptocurrencies, but with the same goal: to create a care economy.

Who are these game changing leaders?

The Weather Makers brought technical skills to change deserts to gardens of Eden.

MMCC has the tool to reach (war) children with joy and laughter to bring them hope and self-confidence.

Eco Systems Restoration Camps repairing broken ecosystems and providing humanity with a better future and to create a more abundant earth.

Faith in Leadership bringing together diverse groups of faith leaders, enabling them to work together for the benefit of our society.

Grounded to support in their transition towards regenerative agriculture and help buyers access high-quality, ethical products.

Reseachers with fresh ideas and well investigated opinions about the care economy.

Circles Coop using cryptocurrencies to help new community hubs in engaging local businesses to join the network and give life to a more resilient and democratic economy.

Blockchain and crypto-currency specialists to make use of these systems creating change to grow wellbeing.

Zeitpolster for creating a methodology when you help the elderly today, you will be equally cared for in the future.

Toniic seeking deeper positive net impact across the spectrum of capital and investments.

7 Billion presidents builds companies where 100% of the profits are spent to stabilize the climate, restore ecosystems and support social projects.

Creabitat stands for fantastic liveable places, where you want to be; where you can live, work, care, relax, get together, cook together.

This variety of backgrounds was professionally guided and merged by Body informed leadership who made sure the ideas were embodied and taken away home.

One of the major themes was: what is actually the economy of care? And how to establish that?

In workshops, sessions , ideations and linking opportunities, the partners discussed plans and partnerships to work to a situation we can all benefit.

On Wednesday Camp Virsoleil was visited, an Ecosystem Restoration Camp in the middle of the Dordogne. On this farm we could see and feel the work of the owners, making not only the soil, but the mind healthy.

What do we take away?

The idea of the founders Béla and Ellen Hatvany was to look at the symbolism of Mustardseed. A tiny seed that can grow big and fast. This happened in France during the Jamboree. By creating synergy, all partners felt empowered in their own work. Also ‘ideas’ moved forward and plans for next steps were developed. For example, the ‘Future Meter’ idea received a lot of useful feedback for it to grow further in alignment with the care economy principles.

Some organizations in the ‘seed stage’ received a lot of input from other participants. For example the session with Creabitat; further developing the practicalities of a physical community space, was significant on what potential value Mustardseed Trust partners can bring to each other. It seems that overall, many partners have already strongly developed visions that are in sync with Mustardseed’s vsion.

Meaningful connections were established for continued dialogue and collaboration towards clear goals. Some example collaborations initiated were Faith in Leadership to explore a Care Economy module into their training portfolio together with the researchers, and Creabitat & Eco systems Restoration camps to further explore possibilities of organizing a physical community / festival.

Further it resulted in clarity on impact measures to assess socio-economic transformation patterns that manifest care, equity and sustainability of the planet and its beings.

At the end of the Jamboree, the Trustees, Managing Director and Operations from Mustardseed Trust thanked the partners and facilitators for this unique week in France for their dedication and contribution for their game changing ideas and projects to make to world better.

Read the full report:

2021 12 Mustardseed Jamboree report
Download PDF • 11.30MB

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