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Enabling the underserved to flourish within a care economy

We are very proud to present our second piece of research focusing very much on the practice of the care economy: what does it mean and its relevance to a very special part of the world: where young girls, their families and their villages are already being taught how to live in a care economy, where every being on the planet is cared for. We asked one of our partners, the African Rural University (ARU) to investigate the concept of the care economy and to present its relevance very locally in the villages and towns of East Uganda.

The objectives of the research were to: increase understanding of the phenomenon of the care economy that is emerging worldwide; map out the thought leaders and practitioners who understand and apply the principles of the care economy in their respective disciplines or sectors; create a clear and common language that explains the concept and practice of the care economy and its characteristics; It is a fascinating read.

Download PDF • 1.32MB

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