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Desk research on the Care Economy

Updated: Sep 2

“We enable alternative economic systems that value caring for one self, the other and the planet”

At Mustardseed Trust, we want to remain open-minded and critical towards the choice of our strategic impact areas and interventions. We are also mindful that we ‘do not know what we don’t know’ and that we may have bias in certain interventions because of our current partnerships and exposure. Other actors have adopted similar ideas on how we create a better world. There are multiple definitions and concepts floating around that have similar characteristics of what we define as the care economy. For example: ‘the new economy’, ‘regenerative economy’, ‘’caring economics’’ and ‘’partnerism’’. Yet a common language would enhance collective lobbying, partnerships to cause the transformation and it will reduce confusion on the actual meaning of the terminologies used.

Given the above, the purpose of this research is to create a body of knowledge on the care economy in all its facets. The result of this research will help to sharpen MT’s strategy and to provide insights in the parameters and variables for determining what measures we will put in place to assess the success of the investments in partners’ ventures.

Kindly refer to the TOR, attached and Respond with your interest.

2021 08 TOR care economy desk research - Mustardseed Trust
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