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Hiring: investment consultant to build our purpose investing strategy.



Mustardseed Trust is a charity with a global outreach, registered with the Office of the Scottisch Charity Regulator (OSCR). We are enabling our vision of the care economy through actively supporting partners who work towards that vision. Practitioners, activists, scientists, community workers, entrepreneurs who have the leverage potential to set the stage for the care economy to come into reality. We enable them in our vision through technical, financial, and social support. In a care economy, people take care of themselves, their community, and the planet.


The care economy is a vision for a culture of partnership, collaboration, and innovation. We envision change in the following focus areas:

Ecosystems: Moving from extractive to regenerative use of natural resources

Money systems: Moving from senseless accumulation of wealth to currencies that serves people and planet to thrive.

Human relationship systems: Moving from ‘me’ to ‘we’; embracing the interdependence between all beings.


Mustardseed is moving towards purposeful investing (also called ‘’impact investing’’) of its reserve fund. Therefore, we are looking to hire an Investment Consultant to assist and guide us to develop and manage an investment portfolio that is in sync with Mustardseed’s mission. Our latest narrative and financial statements at available on the OSCR website.


The Investment Consultant will advise Mustardseed’s Investment Committee on the strategic direction and specific investment opportunities for the reserve funds of the Trust. The Investment Consultant  will work closely with the Managing Director (MD) and reports to the Investment Committee.

The Consultant  is expected to create an investment strategy and management system for Mustardseed trust. The engagement includes the following deliverables:


  1. Execute a portfolio analysis of our current investment portfolio and present the findings in a written report.

  2. Revise Mustardseed’s Investment policy document and give recommendations on the liquidity, time frame, risks, impact areas. Verify our assumption that actively managed funds have greater ‘impact’ than the passively managed ESG ETF’s as they actually do their own research rather than relying on accreditations that have often been criticized for being ‘greenwashing’.

  3. Recommendations for future management of the reserve fund with a draft portfolio that reflects Mustardseed’s mission and creates a maximum impact with a reasonable return.

  4. Recommendations specific opportunities in different asset classes.

  5. Recommendations on the investment management system.


There is the possibility of further engagement after satisfactory delivery of the above.


  • A historical perspective of the business/debt cycle and understanding outside of conventional public markets to find ways to protect Mustardseed's assets through unprecedented times

  • Experience as impact investment officer or manager.

  • Exhibits values that are aligned with Mustardseed’s.

  • Knowledge on Mustardseeds impact themes

  • Accreditation or certification is a plus, but experience weighs more.

  • Knowledge on the technological cutting edges in finance such as blockchain technology

  • Team player: willingness to participate in the Investment Committee and share experiences with the team.

  • Ability to draft advisory reports

  • Based in the UK, preferably in Scotland


The first deliverables are presented by the consulant to the Investment Committee meeting on May 8th 2022. Remuneration TBD on a basis of a fixed fee for the deliverables mentioned above.



Kindly send us a brief motivation where you tell us what the care economy means for you and how that is reflected in your work. Also include your resume/profile and send it to Kindly respond before March 25th 2022

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