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Ecosystems Restoration Communities

Hands-on restoration

Ecosystems Restoration Communities (ERC) catalyse the restoration of degraded ecosystems around the world with benefits for the environment and for people and communities. They inspire others to participate and take action by offering transformative and educational experiences for training in ecosystem restoration.

From tiny shoots to mighty forests

The Ecosystem Restoration Communities (before; Camps) network grew significantly from 1 camp in 2019 to 56 Camps in 2022. Mustardseed considers their work as a hands-on example of a can-do mentality. Strategically, they combine global efforts to create restoration impact insights and encourage people to restore the planet. ERC is also partnering with the United Nations for the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. In various UN publications, the work of ERC is often mentioned as a clear example of a fast-growing bottom-up movement that is working to change the future of our planet. 

Reported Impact

  • 56 camps set-up across the globe.

  • A grants system for camps has been implemented

  • Online and face-to-face  education courses have been established

  • Over 20,000 volunteers have been placed in camps.

  • Over 8000 hectares are being restored.

  • Over 3 million trees and plants have been planted.

  • More than 1 million euros have been raised.

Banana Leaves

Impact Story

“I was so grateful to receive this opportunity [MBA course at LIFT Economy through ERC] as it is a perfect fit for me and for Camp Regenesis. The Regenesis Project is actually a private corporation, and this move was intentional. Since our inception one of our goals has always been to build a case that regeneration and regenerative enterprises could be lucrative and restoration can pay for itself, thereby encouraging more businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors to follow this path”.


- Yani, Camp Regenesis Philippines

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